We have a good range of horses to introduce you to horse riding, help with your skill development, areas of improvement and coaching towards your specific goals, aims and ambitions. As you can imagine we match the horses to you depending upon your size, strength and ability also your riding style and discipline, to the size and temperament of the horse.

Introducing our horses...


Name: Daffy Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Daffy
Height: 12h
Breed: Grey Mare
Suitability: Speedy little pony with a great jump, she is reserved for the best little jockeys!

Name: Dougal Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Dougal
Height: 12h
Breed: Grey Gelding
Suitability: Everyone’s favorite cheeky pony. Suitable for beginners and more experienced children as loves to have a jump.

Name: Tyler Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Tyler
Height: 12h2
Breed: Strawberry Roan Gelding
Suitability: Super smart flashy moving pony. Recently backed by us so suitable for the more experienced young riders.

Name: Spellbound Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Spellbound
Height: 13h
Breed: Bay Gelding
Suitability: Smart, flashy moving pony. Great for confident children both on the flat and for jumping.

Name: Molly Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Molly
Height: 13h2
Breed: Grey Mare
Suitability: Forward going mare who loves to jump and hack.

Name: Volka Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Volka
Height: 14h2
Breed: Palomino Haflinger Mare
Suitability: Great allrounder for both novices and more experienced riders. Loves to jump and is suitable for small adults and children.

Name: Arnie Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Arnie
Height: 14h3
Breed: Coloured Gelding
Suitability: Young horse who was backed last year by us and is really fitting in to riding school life. Loves jumping and a forward going, smart moving horse, perfect for the more experienced rider.

Name: Saffie Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Scaffie
Height: 15h
Breed: Grey Mare
Suitability: Another super horse for more novice riders but also loves to jump and go for fast hacks over the common.

Name: Patch Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Patch
Height: 15h1
Breed: Skewbald Gelding
Suitability: Everyones favourite horse! fab to ride on the flat, jump and loves his hacking. Super safe at all times.

Name: Star Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Star
Height: 15h1
Breed: Bay Gelding
Suitability: One of our working liveries. Brilliant allrounder who loves to hack.

Name: Tilly Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Tilly
Height: 15h1
Breed: Bay Mare
Suitability: Saffies best friend. Forward going mare, great for hacking and a fab jumper!

Name: Sunny Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Sunny
Height: 15h2
Breed: Appaloosa Gelding
Suitability: One of our working liveries. Fab allrounder who loves to hack.

Name: Essex Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Essex
Height: 16h
Breed: Skewbald Gelding
Suitability: Another super safe horse who is great with the beginner adults.

Name: Donk Hartlebury Equestrian Horse - Donk
Height: 16h1
Breed: Bay Gelding
Suitability: Forward going ex-show jumper. Donk loves his jumping but is also really well schooled on the flat so can perform the higher level dressage movements.